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Nichole and I have been talking for quite some time over the location and style of the engagement photo shoot. She really wanted to do it somewhere in woods. It was also in the middle of blossoming season, so I suggested the Leila Arboretum in Battle Creek. It couldn't have work better for us! That place offer both. You walk in between pine trees and suddenly there is a row of pink trees ahead of you. What a gorgeous place...

They drove about 3 hours down and what mature nature planned for us wasn't expected at all! Nichole was getting hair and makeup done (kudos to Design 1 Salon in Portage - doesn't Nichole looks absolutely stunning with that loose braid and bold lips?!) and we were texting back and forth, because the thunderstorms were in the forecast later that evening (yes - golden hour time!). Since we didn't want to do this shoot indoors, we had to reschedule it for earlier that day. Luckily, we didn't have a drop of rain and sun even showed up at the very end of our beautiful day together.

The arboretum was in full bloom. Everywhere! We couldn't decide on where to start:). Randy and Nicole brought their two pups, who actually met for the very first time. They were not thrilled about it, but at least they seemed to tolerate each other! LOL! We were trying to put them together in the picture and for most part, they were up for it. When the finally had enough, we went on with some more engagement pictures. Randy just looks at her with such loving eyes... You can tell he absolutely adores her! I found myself smiling while editing this session!

And how did the humans actually decide to get hitched? Nichole shares their proposal story...

"We were on an eight-day cruise, and it was an elegant night. We got all dressed up, I was in a white dress with lace on the top and he was dressed in a red shirt with black slacks and suspenders,"she started how they set the tone. It already sounds fancy, doesn't it?! "We waited in line to get our pictures taken, and when I walked up to the bench with the backdrop he walked up next to me. He looked at me, then got down on one knee and asked if I would marry him!" It wasn't extreme surprise for her though, because she knew it was going to happen soon, but she had no idea when. So, it was a little surprise after all! And her favorite part? "The whole moment of how Randy proposed was caught on camera!" "I felt like my world was completed," she describes her feelings.

The question is, did she pick the ring or did Randy do it on his own? "It was around Christmas (before their cruise) and he wanted to go into Kays," she says. Bingo! What else you would go look for, right?! Well, Nichole was still little confused though, "I had no reason to go in there," she explains. Randy was determined to find out her ring size. He insisted and after they found the right size, she tried on few rings. And guess what? "The one that I truly loved, of course is the one that I have now," she adds with a smile on her face.

But the story begins long before the trip on the cruise ship, or the jewelry store...Nichole and Randy went to high school together.

Nichole describe Randy as someone who she would never talked to: "He was the type of "punk" kid."

But then the destiny brought them back together, to same community college. "We were in a class where we had to pick groups for the whole semester," remember Nichole. "So contrary to him being the only one I knew, I moved toward that group," she says. They talked a little, hung out, but then stopped talking after graduation. Finally, the summer after that brought the romance in between them. They started to see each other more often, went on couple of dates and found out, that they were inseparable! So they have been together for almost 3 years and they are planning to tie the knot in October next year!

He loves how nerdy she can be and when she plans their future. And there is one big thing they have in common. "I love that she enjoys the outdoors and the world around us." I have to agree! There are not many people who appreciate that kind of stuff now a days.

What does she can't resist about him? "I love how hard working he is and how handsome he still is after a long day at work. He can always make me laugh, even when I am mad at him." The sense of humor is definitely one of the things that will keep this couple together! "Oh, and did you know, that Randy is a fantastic cook?!" What a keeper! I bet she enjoys their favorite food if it's prepared by Randy. "We love a good Mexican dinner, Fajitas!"

And there is another thing, that actually made me laugh! To my question about her celebrity crush she said promptly: "Well, it would be Randy… if he was Batman!" At least he is her superhero! :) Speaking about superheroes, they love Marvel movies!

"We both love to be outside," they say. "Whether it is with the dogs, hunting, fishing, or driving around in our jeep!" You can tell they have "a thing for jeep"! "We really treasure our brand new Jeep Wrangler," Randy giggles.

When it comes to some well deserve downtown at home, they like to just relax and play video games together. Or they spend their time thinking about their next adventure..."Traveling is the most important to us, there are so many things in the world to discover and we can’t wait to see them all," they add.

Talking about traveling, their favorite vacation would be anywhere new. "We go on cruises all the time and love visiting new islands," says Randy. "My very favorite would probably be to Hawaii or Yellowstone National Park," adds Nichole.

"Our biggest accomplishments would be completing our associates degree," says Nichole. Now they have only one semester left before they both have their bachelors degrees! Congratulations!!!

I asked them about some of their favorite memories...Nichole thinks for a second and then she names few: "Standing on top of the Mayan Ruins in Mexico, swimming with stingrays in Grand Cayman, sitting in the woods at dawn hunting with coyotes running around us, and probably visiting numerous waterfalls in New York and the Upper Peninsula!" And I am not sure if this list if final. These two love birds surely enjoy every minute of their life together!

There are many exciting events ahead of them! Besides graduating they have wedding planning to do. "We are so excited to get married. Because, of course, after wedding comes the honeymoon and we can create more memories in new places!" they smile.

I am so looking forward to capture your wedding day, Randy and Nichole!

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