Meet your photographer

Monika with "K", born and raised in Europe, creative mind and soul, visual story teller, nature enthusiast, tea drinker, biker, ice cream addict, U2 fan, talker and hugger, human mom and doodle mom:). I have masters degree in teaching but instead I followed my dream to create little magic through my camera lens:)! I believe in deep conversation, human connections a love stories big or small. Call me old fashioned, but I don't like spending my free time scrolling through social media, chasing likes or collecting followers. Instead you will find me spending time with family and friends, mostly somewhere outdoors. After all, we have only this life to live, so let's make the most out of it! 

Wanna know more? Give me a ring and we can chat over cup of tea or coffee! 

How would I describe my photography style and approach... 


I embrace life with all it's tones and colors and my work reflect that (so if you like "dark, moody" or "light, airy" I am NOT your girl). So my style is basically vibrant, colorful, dramatic. 


I am visual person, an artist, my eyes are constantly looking for something new! You can take millions photos on your phone, but it will never be as good. I want my images to be simply beautiful, outstanding and timeless. They are all hand edited and you can be sure there are no weird filters! To me it's not just an image, I create a work of art.


I deeply care about my clients and my goal is to make you feel comfortable in the front of the camera so I can capture the most genuine emotions. So let's create some memories!


I just love "sun kissed" images! But what if it's little grey out there and you want to have that glow? I can work some magic with my lighting techniques! Natural light or added, I know how to work with it:). Wait till you get the wow factor!


I've photographed hundreds of weddings, sessions, events and gigs, so I know a thing or two! This isn't my hobby, this is my passion and my job! I run a legit business, so no worries, I've got you! 


I believe in dedicated approach, so I put 200 % in everything I do! I am no grumpy face! I spread positive attitude even if the things don't go as planned, so I promise, you gonna get all the help and support you need and you will have a great time with me! Check my reviews, my clients shared the experience with me. 


I work with my lovely husband Ryan who is not just an amazing photographer and my best side kick, but also the most fun person to be around! Together we make the perfect team!!!


                                                                Can't wait to meet you!