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Rebecca and Adam are head over heels in love with each other. It's visible in the way they look at each other, the way they walk holding hands side by side, the way how he whispers in her ear and she giggles a little...

They met at their friends house 4 years ago. They say, that beside the birth of their daughter Allison, their very first date is one of their most favorite memories.

This past Christmas, Adam decided to make the step forward and he prepared a sweet, totally unexpected gift for her. He hid the box with the ring in the tree. "I was looking for it for almost 15 minutes," Rebecca laughs! "I had no idea that's why it took so long to find that surprise. I finally turned around and he was down on one knee..."

They wished to do the engagement session in Grand Rapids, because that's where both of them grow up and they call this place home. They were naturally drawn to the downtown area, specially the river. They couldn't pick a better place! Although the river was really high and some places along the river were even flooded!

When we met, Rebecca and Adam didn't even carry their coats! Our first stop was on the blue bridge, which offered the perfect background for our images. It was cold, very cold and windy day. Luckily the sun was peeking through the clouds here and there. This sweet couple didn't even said once, that they have enough, they were smiling, snuggling, sharing kisses and posing for me for almost 2 hours! They mentioned though, that if they could choose a vacation, it would definitely be somewhere warm!!

Adam loves how caring Rebecca is. "She is a wonderful mom," he adds. They share common interests, like disc-golfing, exploring outside, or spending time with their daughter. No matter what they do, they always have ton of fun together!

And what does she love about Adam? He makes her laugh, supports her, and is always there for her! Couples who have each other's back are the best!

When I asked them what is their biggest accomplishment together, they said without hesitation: "Raising our little girl!" She is definitely going to be a part of the wedding! They already got a dress for her and she is very excited for mom and dad and their big day!

If they don't spend time with her, they like to go out for dinner (preferably seafood) and drinks or walk around downtown. If they would watch a movie afterwards, it would be one of their favorites - either Titanic or Forgetting Sarah Marshall!

And what are they excited about at this moment? "To be a family and being man and wife soon!"

Can't wait to capture their big day later this summer!

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