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For our friends Emily and Matt, the Kalamazoo Nature Center is a very special place. After being together for 4.5 years, Matt knew they wanted to stay with Emily forever, so he prepared the proposal...

"We went to the nature center for a hike like we do sometimes on a nice day," says Emily. They visited this place many times before, but it was their first time at the scenic outlook. "We were standing at the lookout taking in the view when I turned around and Matt was down on one knee," she smiles. Matt had easy job with the ring, cause Emily helped him to pick the right one. They headed to the shore together and she pointed out the one she felt in love with. Little did they know that they had to track it down though, cause it was the only one left in all the U.S. stores! They luckily found it and it was sent to Kalamazoo:)!

This sweet couple has a lot in common! They love watching Detroit Tigers baseball games and if they don't hike in nature, they spend their time with their furry friends - cats and dog.

For their wedding they wish for something low key and casual. Fancy or formal is out of the questions for their big day! The venue for the wedding is going to be the Bay Pointe Inn. Ceremony is going to happen by the lakefront, and it's going to be followed by reception at the restaurant overlooking the lake. Emily says: "I love flowers, I even used to be a florist, so we definitely want beautiful flowers! You can be sure, that with help of her mom it will be gorgeous! I can't wait to see what they will come up with! "We also wanted to have a live band, cause Matt is a musician!" she adds. It's going to be a beautiful celebration of love in group of family and closest friends!

Kalamazoo Nature Center is not the only place the love to hike at. Two years ago they took vacation at smoky mountains. They explored those mountains and absolutely fell in love with the national park! They love it so much, that they decided to go there again on their honeymoon!!!

Looking forward to capture the wedding day for these two lovely birds in May 2018!

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