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Lauren and Colby live in New Hampshire, but Michigan is not foreign to them. They met in Traverse City while Colby was in MI for military training. She was interning there for the summer. Little did they know, that their love will grow stronger and deeper, so they would get engaged nearly 4 years after, and plan their nuptials back here in Michigan! I got to know them a little bit before the big day. Here is their story...

She admires his ambition, generosity, and thoughtfulness. "He is a great dad," she says. "He's even got the dad jokes and dance moves down" Lauren laughs! Sometimes they watch movies together. "We usually leave the movie choices to Chase, so we will watch Moana, Captain America, The Little Mermaid, or Big Hero 6," they list all his current favorites. "We build a looot of movie tents on the weekends," laughs Colby.

And what they have in common? "Sense of humor, love for nachos or anything with cheese (Colby's name if fitting)!" adds Lauren.

Colby says that beside Lauren's positive mind, she also got lot of patience and drive to succeed. "She can do anything she puts her mind to," he explains. She has this great sense of responsibility. And you know what else he absolutely admires about Lauren? Her beautiful long hair! And I have to say, I don't blame him:)...See the pictures for yourself!

I absolutely love their engagement story...Lauren says:

"We were in Boston at Faneuil Hall for some Christmas shopping, or that's what I thought we were doing at least. It was mid December so everything was decorated for Christmas including a giant tree at the end of the plaza. When we got to the tree, Colby asked my mom to take a photo of him, Chase and I in front of the tree. Then all of the lights on the tree went out and Colby looked like he was about to panic. A few seconds later a light show and music started playing (that Colby now claims he had scheduled just for this, haha). At this point, I still didn't know what was going on so when Colby knelt down I thought he was trying to get to Chase's level for the photo so I knelt down with him. When he pulled out the ring I realized what was happening..."

Her ring is so special! It belonged to her mother who had passed it on to Colby. Lauren's late father had given this ring to Lauren's mother when she was very young. And there was another sweet coincidence...The day that Colby proposed was also Lauren's parent's wedding anniversary. He hadn't known or planned for!!!

Now, when they are getting ready for their big day, there are not very many free days,. But if they do have some time off, they like cooking, kayaking/canoeing or walking their dogs Odie and Zeus. When there are days, that pups stay home, Lauren and Colby really enjoy exploring new places together or going on dinner dates. And what would their ideal date look like? Having sunset picnic and eating chocolate mousse from Republic, their favorite local spot. Maybe the's when they came up with their dream future spot to visit - Ireland...

They say, that their biggest accomplishment together so far would be building an awesome home, moving together, and having two cute doggies (they adopter Zeus). They didn't hesitate when I asked them about their favorite memory together so far - "getting engaged" they said!

We found this beautiful tree that looked like from fairy land. It couldn't be more perfect spot for shooting some of these beautiful images. Clearly, these two are so over the heel with each other and super excited to get married! And I can't wait to be there to photograph their fairy tale!

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